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We are global creators, distributors, and licensees of luxury, artisanal fragrances.  

With decades of experience and a team that champions the unique talents and passions of every member, we are guiding the independent/niche luxury fragrance market with a modern approach to luxury fragrance sales and distribution.  

We are lovers of beauty and art, and we strive to support artists by helping businesses of any size to build their brands, while cultivating and encouraging an authentic connection to every product that is designed. Our reputation and background as true collaborators has led to hand-in-glove partnerships with a full range of clients, using a comprehensive business model that takes all aspects of the retail industry into account.  We offer customized marketing, product development, and distribution strategies with an unparalleled level of personalized attention at every stage of the creative process. 

We are The Fragrance Group and our commitment is to connecting exceptional luxury fragrances with an increasingly perceptive client, through all channels of the industry.

Leadership Anchor


Alex-TFG logo.jpg

Alex Shalbaf is the founder and CEO of The Fragrance Group, founder of e-commerce site, So Avant Garde, and co-founder of Shalbaf, LLC.  A master networker with an eye for the exceptional, Alex has firmly established himself as a creator, vendor, and distributor of luxury fragrance brands around the globe.

Alex made the move from the telecommunications industry to fragrance, and was quick to prove that he had the business sense, determination, and character needed to succeed. Within months, he had secured the first US distribution agreement with Nordstrom stores nationwide for French brand, Façonnable. Alex continues to grow his portfolio by partnering with notable brands, and most recently launching the first Men's fragrances from luxury travel brand, TUMI.  

In the near future, Alex’s vision is for continued company growth by focusing on the Lifestyle and Prestige divisions of TFG, while ensuring that each project is handled with the same white glove service and attention to detail that Alex himself is known for.  Alex is also looking forward to pushing his own creative limits, with the launch of new projects and products coming soon, and is excited to provide an ever-improving line of the highest quality fragrances, with the deepest commitment to authenticity and art.




Pradeep Season Shrestha
VP of Sales, Park Fragrance

Danielle Picone
 Senior VP of Sales, The Fragrance Group

Ted Morgan
Chief Financial Officer

George Stoilkov
National Director
Specialty Accounts + Events

Susan Bellomo-Venturi
Senior Director, Business Development

Mariana Shalbaf
Creative Director

Olga Armer
General Counsel

Christiaan Montgomery
Director of Ecommerce

Sue Fike
Retail Growth and People Operations


Dorian Braxton
Corporate Communications Manager

Sivan Sfaradi
International Commercial Director

Yvonne Thomas
Director, Trade Marketing

Todd Hunter
Regional Sales Director - West

The TFG Difference


At The Fragrance Group, we see opportunities in every facet of fragrance distribution. Where most companies focus only on one market, or only on distribution, we set ourselves apart by refusing to limit ourselves to any one retail avenue, product price point, or sole function as a distributor.

By adopting this approach, we manage a full spectrum of clients offering brands for distribution to the luxury, department store, specialty store, and wholesale markets.

Our clients benefit from our vast network, stemming from decades of experience, and innovative strategies tailored to their specific needs; from product research and development, packaging and design, and distribution, our clients receive personal attention to every detail.

We have worked with creatives from small and medium-sized brands to increase their footprint in the market, with lifestyle brands looking to enter the fragrance industries, and with established brands looking for innovative ways to reach new customers. This diversification of our portfolio, combined with the decision to work within all sectors and aspects of distribution, minimizes risks, and maximizes stability, not only for The Fragrance Group but for all of our partners as we grow together.

Global Retail Partners


At the Fragrance Group, a point of pride is the relationship we have with our retail brand partners.  We have over 35 global retail partnerships, covering all areas of retail including e-commerece, wholesalers, major chains, and high-end luxury stores.  We provide product development tools for every brand at every stage of creation including strategic and relevant product innovation, market analytics and optimized market distribution, in house digital, social, and traditional marketing, as well as training and advocacy programs for sales and beauty advisors. 

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