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Ursa - Extrait de Parfum

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Tiziana Terenzi presents the new LUNA (Moon) collection. Luna is the place of lost memories, wishes, desires. Luna is evocative of far distant memories from childhood, mesmerizing fairytale landscapes, and wild nature.

Size : 100 ml

The story of Ursa begins with the fragrant landscape surrounding Italy’s Lake Como. Pastures and woods lie along its shores. Picturesque villages overlook the water.

The same stream that intrigued Leonardo da Vinci, the Fiumelaccio, bewitched Tiziana and Paolo as children. Its water only flows intermittently each year—from March 25 until October 7—from a mysterious cave full of indescribable scents.

The stream’s channel looks like a real lunar landscape. Inside, it’s like walking on the moon…leaving, you catch the water reflecting the changing phases of the moon and the Ursa Major.

Ursa is warm and reassuring, like the calm waters of Lake Como.