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Lalique De Lalique Crystal Extract LIMITED EDITION 2016 "Anemone"

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Quick Overview

Lalique de Lalique, a floral musky. A feminine and radiant fragrance, born from a burst of flowers enhanced by slightly fruity flavours. The musky vanilla notes reveal its seduction power.

Size : 100 ml

"René Lalique’s imaginary garden yields the theme of the precious 2016 Limited Edition crystal bottle: the Anemone. Created in 1922 by René Lalique, the “Semis de Fleurs” bottle, strewn with delicately etched concave flowers, lends spherical shape to the new design. A floral motif that often bloomed in the work of the artist, undoubtedly seduced by what the great Colette, writing about the Anemone, called the “majesty of the round flower.” She also described it as “unfurling from all sides like a parachute grasped by the wind.”
And indeed, the slightest breeze can tousle it–hence its name, which comes from the Greek anemos, “wind”. Lalique turns this ephemeral blossom into an eternal crystal flower."