The Brioni Italian Cultural Heritage Archive

The Archive of the Brioni Atelier was recognised by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as a patrimony of particular historical interest, and hence submitted to the supervision by legislative decree No. 42 of 22 January, 2004.

Brioni Atelier, founded by Gaetano Savini and Nazareno Fonticoli in 1945 Rome, preserves an extraordinary archival patrimony that speaks volumes of the house´s history of haute tailoring in menswear, a history that contributed to showing to the world the authentic Italian sartorial tradition.

The archive, held at Brioni´s historic location in Rome, comprises more than 700 suits created since the 1950s, hundreds of samples, sketches and design plates, 10,000 photographic materials that document Brioni´s extraordinary production begun during the era of La Dolce Vita, and a collection of original patent licences.

Brioni and Wallpaper* for a film by Lernert & Sander: "Made to Measure"

From a collaboration between Brioni and Wallpaper* comes the short "Made to Measure", created by German artists Lernert & Sander.

The film´s protagonist is a very special client − that is, a resourceful hand that cuts and sews its own suit with dedication and that, with an entertaining flair, gets dressed to then show off his creation.

Such an animated metaphor speaks to the distinct sartorial artisanry for which Brioni is known, and to its masterful ability to satisfy even the most demanding of requests. "Expressing important concepts through a light-hearted message and through our art has always been our principal objective," stated Lernert & Sander. "It is the best way to demonstrate ideas, and Brioni´s sartorial expertise comes through in dressing this particularly demanding client."

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