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A unique Bentley fragrance for men and a handmade crystal flacon, all developed with one of Europe’s finest artisan perfumiers and glassmakers.

The partnership between Bentley and Lalique, the fine glassmaker and perfumier, has already produced one remarkable crystal product: the limited availability Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition . Lalique has been producing fine glasswork and fragrances for almost as long as Bentley has been creating luxury cars. In collaboration with Art & Fragrance, Bentley presents fragrances Bentley for Men, Bentley for Men Azure, and its new fragrance, exclusive to Harrods, Bentley for Men Absolute.

It seems natural that, when it came to the development of a Bentley fragrance, these artisans from the fragrance and glassware world would make the perfect partners.

The Bentley for Men fragrance was developed in association with Bentley and Art & Fragrance by top French perfumer Nathalie Lorson. The scent itself is built on the essential characteristics for a brand with Bentley’s craftsmanship heritage; notably, fine wood and leather notes.
 The Bentley brand is echoed in the Bentley for Men bottle, with a Flying B proudly embossed on the bottle’s shoulder and the iconic Bentley knurling on the stopper.

Bentley for Men Azure takes its cue from the classic aromas of the fougère family, featuring green citrus top notes and woody base notes. Bentley For Men Azure is a powerfully expressive and complex fragrance with a fresh twist that appeals to sporty and style-conscious men.

Bentley for Men Absolute, available exclusively from Harrods, London, uses precious woods and natural essences to define an experience of pure luxury. One of the world’s most famous perfume makers, Michel Almairac, has put his extensive knowledge from his creations for Robertet, the world’s leading fragrance house for natural fragrance compositions, in Grasse and Paris, France, to work in creating this new Bentley for Men fragrance. The top note of Bentley for Men Absolute surprises, with a spicy cocktail of fresh ginger and pink peppercorns, and a hint of mystical frankincense.

For those who seek the finest in the fragrance world, 'Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition' comprises an impressive crystal flacon based on the legendary Flying B design. In addition to the wood and leather notes of Bentley for Men, the Crystal Edition enriches the scent with precious orris butter.

The 'Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition' is limited to only 999 pieces, available only through a small selection of Lalique retailers.

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