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Andromeda - Extrait de Parfum

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"Tiziana Terenzi presents the new LUNA (Moon) collection. Luna is the place of lost memories, wishes, desires. Luna is evocative of far distant memories from childhood, mesmerizing fairytale landscapes, and wild nature".

Size : 100 ml

Andromeda is inspired by a natural miracle of mother nature that occurs once a year in the Italian countryside, near the Terenzi family residence for hundreds of years:
the Blossoming - “La Fiorita”

Occurring between the end of May and June in the Sibillini Mountains in Italy, where the constellation of the same name is bright and visible at night. La Fiorita is the flowering of the most rare and beautiful blossoms at the same time, creating a unique and intoxicating carpet of nature.

During the days, walking along the paths of the Pian Grande (great plain) and Pian Perduto (lost plain), you can find gentianellas, daffodils, violets, poppies, narcissus, buttercups, purple eugeniae, clovers, and many more. Summer nights lift your gaze to the sparkling, starry sky, a delicately sweet air surrounding you.

Andromeda contains the majesty of this panorama and the ephemeral allure of the “Fiorita” (Flowered) festival, making you relive this dream-like season every time you wear it.